Wellbeing During Pandemic

Digital Platform

Find your way to stay in touch digitally

Pandemic is really giving us restrictions on meeting others in person, not only for personal purposes but also professionally. You may not feel comfortable doing this, even without legal restrictions. But with all the technology that we have right now, we can easily reach out to others in digital way.

Digital Platforms

Here are some of the best digital platforms which you can explore to stay in touch available in Indonesia, some of them can come with charging fee, and some of them also come for free:

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Skype
  3. Zoom Meeting
  4. Google Meets
  5. Google Hangouts
  6. Microsoft Teams
  7. Facetime

If you have other familiar digital platforms for staying in touch digitally, please leave a comment below.

Fast and Reliable Wifi Connection

Villa Zanissa provides high-speed internet WIFI, so if you need to work while you are staying with us, there will be no problem for work in digital.
If you are worried that you might run out of topics to talk about, make a plan with someone for example to watch a TV show or movies or live music together. Take part in quizzes or read book separately and then discuss it with your friends by phone or video call.

If you are feeling down and worried too much about the situation on COVID-19, it may also help to talk it out with someone you trust. This will be helpful if your friends/colleagues are in a similar situation so you can share your feelings, knowing you are not alone in this situation.

Sitting down and talking too much in front of your screen can also do some effect on your sights and posture. Take a break for a few minutes after more than an hour of having yourself sitting down in the same spot. You can do a walk around the room or house, take a look outside check out some greens around your house or whatever view you have surrounds you. Just make sure you keep your eyes out of the screen even for just a few minutes for refreshment.

Stretching your hand, neck, wrist, knee, shoulder, can also be a blissful exercise, try doing this every few minutes to avoid stiffness on your joint. This exercise can also help you to release some stress from the nature of your work.

There are also other ways to communicate with others during this hard time. If you are not used to using the digital way of communicating with your acquaintance, you can also try writing letters or postcards.

Our friendly staff at Villa Zanissa are always ready to help you with this matter.

Group Activities

It would also be great to have group activities like diving in Bali, you can use one of the platforms we mentioned above for a group video conference or group call for a small or even heavy discussion, share a story, or whatever idea comes up with your group. As once said, “the more the merrier” this can also help to manage loneliness.

Hope these small tips can help you find a way to stay in touch with your loved ones or colleagues so you can still stay active and sociable.